Can I Reactivate My Old Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Question: I had an allowed back injury claim a few years ago which I believe is still open.  My back is really bothering me now and I have done nothing to aggravate it that I am aware of.  What can I do?  Will the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (OBWC) help me?

Answer: This inactive claim is indeed open for OBWC to assist you, but it is not automatic.  Of course, the claim is only open if there have been any medical or compensation payments during the last five years.  As in most instances with these cases, you must be proactive.  Call your doctor and ask for his help.  He may still treat you or he may ask for testing or refer you to a back specialist.  There are OBWC forms available which a physician may submit with medical documentation attached wherein the doctor describes the diagnosis and medical treatment requested.  This request to reactivate your claim for treatment should state that the treatment requested is directly resulting from the original injury.  If the doctor feels that an additional allowance to your injury claim is appropriate, he may request that as well.  The OBWC or the Managed Care Organization (MCO) assigned to this claim will either authorize the request or deny it.  If it is denied, there is an appeal for reconsideration available.

If you are represented, contact your attorney for advice on this procedure.  He may be able to file a motion for hearing by the Industrial Commission if appropriate.

The procedure outlined above is available for almost all injuries.

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