Referral Partner Program

Convert Your Phone Inquiries into MONEY
(And Be a Hero to Those Clients!)

Whenever your law office gets a call from a client needing help outside your practice area, what do you do? Most attorneys refer the client to another local attorney who can help. Sometimes you may hear back about the case, but more often you never hear about it again. Not us. We understand that attorneys want updates on the cases they refer out. That is why we at Kahn & Associates started the Referral Partner Program.

What is the Referral Partner Program?

For the attorneys who send us cases, we want to be proactive and provide them with status updates. And when the case is complete, we will send you your referral fees. No need to ask us, or follow-up on the cases you send to our office. We will take care of the whole process and you (and your client) will reap the rewards.

As One of Our Referral Partners:

  • We will contact you with updates on all your cases. This includes the status of cases and referral fees earned to date.
  • You will receive a fee agreement whenever a client you refer signs with us, if you wish.
  • You will receive your referral fee after the case is closed.
  • We will make sure your referred clients remember you and credit you for helping with their case.

What Types of Cases Does Kahn & Associates Take?

Headquartered in Cleveland’s “Silicon Valley” of Independence, Ohio, the law firm of Kahn & Associates is a team of practiced, passionate, and experienced professionals who take pride in protecting, safeguarding, and advocating for the rights and protections of ordinary people against powerful companies.

Our current practice areas include:

  • Lemon Law. We continue to pursue cases in our original practice area, assisting purchasers and lessees of defective motor vehicles (including cars, trucks, motorcycles, and even ATVs and personal water craft) in Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.
  • Social Security Disability (SSI & SSDI)Long-Term Disability (ERISA). We offer compassionate and competent aid in navigating the confusing and overwhelming social security process nationwide. We also represent individuals seeking to appeal long-term disability denials under private insurance policies.
  • Debt Collection Harassment (FDCPA). We protect consumers in Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania from harassment or unfair treatment by third party debt collectors.

Tireless. Passionate. Dedicated. Check out what other consumers are saying about us on our testimonial/review page or learn more about us.

In What Locations Does Kahn & Associates Take Cases?

While our main office is in Independence, Ohio, we are licensed in and take lemon law cases from all over Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania. But with our disability practice being federal in nature, we are able to take those cases Nationwide!

We would like you to be one of our referring attorneys.  If you are interested in discussing further, please contact me privately at 216-621-6101 x 111 or submit the form below.


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