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For almost a quarter of a century, the law firm of Kahn & Associates, LLC has diligently defended the rights of consumers.

Headquartered in Cleveland’s “Silicon Valley” of Independence, Ohio, the law firm of Kahn & Associates is a team of practiced, passionate, and experienced professionals who take pride in protecting, safeguarding, and advocating for the rights and protections of ordinary people against powerful companies.

Attorney Craig Kahn, the firm’s founder, set out in 1996 to help consumers, regardless of their ethnicity or income, by providing affordable and accessible legal services to individuals who had purchased defective new motor vehicles. The firm has the distinction of handling the first “lemon law” case to reach the Ohio Supreme Court, Royster v. Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc., 92 Ohio St.3d 327 (2001). In addition to successfully litigating this landmark case, firm members have testified before the Ohio legislature, have been featured in periodicals such as the Cleveland Plain Dealer, and have appeared on the radio to answer consumer questions about the lemon law.

Today, we remain committed to tirelessly advocating for consumers, always keeping in mind Craig’s original intent to help ordinary people obtain affordable legal services. Our current practice areas include:

  • Lemon Law. We continue to pursue cases in our original practice area, assisting purchasers and lessees of defective motor vehicles (including cars, trucks, motorcycles, and even ATVs and personal water craft) in Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.
  • Social Security Disability (SSI & SSDI) & Long-Term Disability (ERISA). We offer compassionate and competent aid in navigating the confusing and overwhelming social security process nationwide. We also represent individuals seeking to appeal long-term disability denials under private insurance policies.
  • Workers’ Compensation. For individuals who suffer an injury or illness related to their job in Ohio, we offer help in seeking benefits in workers’ compensation matters, including medical expenses and disability payments.
  • Debt Collection Harassment (FDCPA). We protect consumers in Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania from harassment or unfair treatment by third party debt collectors.

The firm also takes pride in our network of connections. Finding an attorney can be time-consuming and difficult, and the firm aims to assist consumers whenever we can in matching them to another attorney or law firm if their problem happens to be outside our practice areas.

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