Free Lemon Law Book


If You’ve Been Stuck With a Lemon…
You May Not Need a Lawyer!

Before you talk to the car companies, sign any forms or hire an attorney…. Get This FREE BOOK!

In this book, you will discover:

  • How to Avoid the 5 Deadly Mistakes that Can Kill Your Case
  • How to Decide If You Need a Lawyer
  • How to Avoid the Top 5 Car Company Dirty Tricks
  • The Truth Behind ALL Lawyer Advertising
  • How to Hire the Right Lawyer For Any Case

Dear Consumer:

I often see people who are getting the run around from the car companies, who are frustrated by repeated repairs, sometimes taking time off from work and who are simply struggling to decide what to do next.

That is why I have prepared a complete Free Consumer Information Package for Ohio Lemon Victims. This package includes my book – Service Required – and a series of educational follow up special reports that will help you decide what to do next, help you do it the right way and keep you informed so no one will take advantage of you. And this is all written in plain words – not a bunch of legal jargon!

With this information, you’ll be able to arm yourself against the car companies tactics and you MAY be able to settle your case yourself!

If you can’t or don’t want to settle your case yourself, this package will show you how to find the right lawyer for your lemon case (or any other case).

No Cost, No Obligation

The information in this package has been gathered from spending thousands of dollars on legal education and spending years handling lemon cases on behalf of consumers. Its value is extremely high and until now could not be purchased anywhere. But as a service to the public, I will send it to you at No Cost or Obligation if you are an Ohio resident or purchased your vehicle in Ohio.

(If you are not in Ohio or did not purchase your vehicle in Ohio, you can purchase the book at or

I am confident you won’t be wasting your time by ordering this FREE information package.
Craig A. Kahn
Founder and Managing Attorney

P.S. – If you purchased a 2006 or newer vehicle, we will rush you this information today, just fill out the form below. If your vehicle is older than 2006, please CLICK HERE for more information.

P.P.S. – If at any time you have any questions for us or if you would like to have your case reviewed by one of our attorneys, just give us a call.

P.P.P.S. – We won’t share, rent or sell any of your contact information or email with anyone – ever!