Debt Collection Harassment Testimonials

Note: These are a samples of actual letters received on behalf of satisfied Firm clients. We have been given permission to use their full names and locations to prove their authenticity. Due to confidentiality in settlement agreements, the company’s names have been removed.  It should be remembered that every individual case presents different factual circumstances and therefore past cases are not a guarantee of future results. Kahn & Associates, L.L.C cannot guarantee any particular outcome by using our Firm.

I had already spent considerable time and effort explaining my position with the literary guild and two different collection agencies. No listened to me. I had expected you to tell me there was nothing you could do to help me.I was being charged with 2 books I never received. I had been a member of a literary guild for many years and they had a history of poor records. I had kept a record of what I ordered, received and paid for. I was ready to change my phone number in order to stop the harassment from the collection agency.During my lifetime, I’ve always been one to stand up for myself. I had learned very well that I was the only one to defend myself. I was extremely surprised and relieved after talking to one of your lawyers and learned he could stop the “madness” and possibly even collect a financial settlement for the trouble I had endured. It was remarkable that a resolution to the problem was so quick and simple. I did not expect to receive any money, so that was a pleasant surprise.Every person in your firm who talked to me was considerate, helpful and professional. As soon as you were involved, my stress ended.I will definitely recommend you to friends, family and co-workers. People need to know that there are experts who can and will help when they are battling a large company. You care and will defend the “little guy”, thank you!Paula A. Clements - Fairfield, Ohio - 10/24/11
Your firm was the solution to my problem! My life is better and easier now because my problems are solved!I was pleasantly surprised by my experience with the firm, everyone was so nice. I have no disappointments.The whole process from start to finish was great.I would recommend you to my friends, families and co-workers. People should know that you are committed to serve your clientsBurrell, Sharon – Maple Hts., Ohio - 01/04/12
I was afraid you would not be able to stop the harassment. I got calls at work, at home; they threatened lawsuits and garnishment of my wages. The calls stopped after I came to your firm.The first time I called, Justin was great; I loved speaking with him. Your firm takes action!I already recommended you to one of my co-workers and your service worked to get her a settlement as well.Brown, Sheila – Cleveland, Ohio - 4/16/2012
Kahn and Associates stopped the collectors from calling me, making threats and talking to me as if I were sub human.Their services were remarkable because they got more action. The Attorney General did nothing to help me.The friendly staff worked with me, explained what they were going to do and actually did it.I keep their number handy in case any family or friends need it.Bartley, Randell - Cleveland, Ohio - 10/26/11
I just wanted the harassment to stop. Thank you for the resolution. Your service stopped the phone calls. I appreciated your quick, professional solution to my problem. I would recommend your firm to my family and friends.Ashley, Theodore - Saginaw, Michigan - 4/16/2012
Our biggest fear in hiring an attorney was the fees. Kahn and Associates do not charge up-front fees so we felt confident moving forward with them.We were getting harassed by collectors for other people’s debt. We gained some satisfaction that the collectors we sued might have been taught some form of lesson.We were pleasantly surprised by our experience; the staff was very friendly and professional. They were straight, to the point and got quick results.Our biggest disappointment is that collectors like these should be out of business!We may have to hire them again since we changed numbers and now being called for yet another person’s debt and it just seems endless.We would definitely recommend your services to our friends, families and co-workers.We meet our obligations as everyone should.Abrams, Jerome - Cambridge, Ohio - 12/29/11
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