Debt Collection Harassment Testimonials

Note: These are a samples of actual letters received on behalf of satisfied Firm clients. We have been given permission to use their full names and locations to prove their authenticity. Due to confidentiality in settlement agreements, the company’s names have been removed.  It should be remembered that every individual case presents different factual circumstances and therefore past cases are not a guarantee of future results. Kahn & Associates, L.L.C cannot guarantee any particular outcome by using our Firm.

We were unsure that hiring you would cost us money or have some hidden fee. You assured us there wouldn’t be a fee and there was not!You stopped the endless harassing phone calls from collectors. You were the lawyer who looked out for the “little guy”, like us. We were compensated money and now sleep better.Your firm thoroughly explained the process and handled everything in a timely manner. Everyone at Kahn and Associates are true to their word, polite and true professionals while making one feel “down home”.If I ever need this service again, I will call Kahn and Associates first and will recommend to friends and family. In fact, I already have.You stand behind your word, you are trust-worthy and honorable. Thanks again from our home to yours this holiday season.Kecskes, Michael -- Waterford, Michigan 12/05/11
My biggest fear before hiring you was that you wouldn’t stop the harassment calls, but you did!You solved this problem quickly and got a financial settlement.I will recommend you to my friends, families and co-workers.Iliano, Salvatore -- Cleveland, Ohio 03/19/12
My biggest fear before hiring you was that this would be a waste of time and end up costing me money. Debt collectors were calling and your service has made a 100% difference.I was pleasantly surprised at the professionalism of the attorneys and the accessibility. No disappointments.I would recommend you to friends, family and co-workers. You are honest and legit.Herron, Sally -- Jackson, Ohio 10/30/11
My biggest fear was that your firm wouldn’t take action, you overcame that. I was facing debt collector harassment and your service has made my life better and easier.Great experience working with your company, pleasant people, prompt response and gold communication.Your action on any case without making it seem trivial will keep us coming back. I have already recommended you to family, friends, and co-workers.Heller, Eric - Tuscarawas, Ohio 10/23/11
Before I hired your firm I was afraid of being garnished or worse. You took care of all the harassment to my daughter-in-law and me. Your service has been a blessing. Your service made our life better to know that you would protect us and show them they can’t do that to people. It’s terrible what they do.I love you all! God bless you! You are helping people that don’t know what to do. Victoria was so sweet and helpful, she helped me understand everything. She’d call with updates. I feel your firm is wonderful and with Victoria’s help and caring, she made a bad situation into a relief. All of you! I believe Victoria is a big asset to your company, thank you for everything!I really liked the way you fought for us. You did more than I ever dreamed of. You are in my address book. I’ve spread the word about your firm. We will always remember you. Hopefully we don’t use you again, but knowing you are there is a good feeling! Glad you’re on our side.Graham, Vicki – Akron, Ohio 11/02/11
It was helpful to receive the extra income from the settlement.David Skall was prompt with his communication with me. I had a good experience with your firm.I would recommend you to my friends, family and co-workers.Goroc, Brian -- Gorog, Brian – Peninsula, Ohio 03/23/12
I wasn’t sure I had a case, but after contacting you I learned I did.You made my life better and easier once I found out I could receive compensation for the anguish my wife and I suffered.Gorg, Brian -- Gorog, brian – Peninsula, Ohio 12/25/11
My biggest fear was that you would view me as a consumer trying to avoid debts and not truly wanting to resolve this matter.[The Company] was misrepresenting themselves, I would agree to pay what they asked for but they kept taking money out of my account without my permission over and over. I know whom I am paying and how much to the penny.I pleasantly surprised that even though your fees were not covered, you resolved my dispute. You continually communicated with me throughout the process. Your staff was very kind and concerned for me.I can’t say enough about the communication, more than any other attorney I had ever dealt with!I will definitely recommend you to family and friends. Your firm is a staunch supporter for clients in my situations.Flint, Janice - Wilmington, Ohio - 5/23/2012
I was afraid the material you sent me was just another law firm trying to drum up business. Your firm did excellent work and wasted no time in getting to work!Your firm was instrumental in cutting down the collection calls and harassment. My life is better, easier and more peaceful.You spoke with me as though I was a “top notch” client. The lawyers explained to me what was going on. Everyone was very nice and things were fast and smooth. I felt confident with your firm. If I need your service again, you’ll be the first one to call.I will gladly recommend you to anyone who asks. You were outstanding and reliable, well-spoken and treated me with respect.Dillard, Anna A. - Euclid, Ohio - 01/16/12
I was afraid there was a “trick” in your offer and it would cost me money in the long run, but you overcame that fear.We had a blemish on our credit record that didn’t belong there, and your service helped get it removed.I am a fan of your firm! You were truthful.I would recommend you to my friends, family and co-workers.Coyne, Paul - Cincinnati, Ohio - 02/21/12
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