Debt Collection Harassment Testimonials

Note: These are a samples of actual letters received on behalf of satisfied Firm clients. We have been given permission to use their full names and locations to prove their authenticity. Due to confidentiality in settlement agreements, the company’s names have been removed.  It should be remembered that every individual case presents different factual circumstances and therefore past cases are not a guarantee of future results. Kahn & Associates, L.L.C cannot guarantee any particular outcome by using our Firm.

I had a problem with cash net, they were calling me all times of the day. Your company helped solve the problems with them.They were calling about money I did not owe them. You have given me some relief from this, they were trying to sue me for a debt that they made bad.You quickly solved this case. Everyone was very nice and respectable in handling my case.You got the court to award me a money settlement and stopped the companies from calling. This was the best business experience to resolve these problems.I would very much recommend you to friends and family. The time and passion in this case was very good and even got compensation.Newton, Jernico – Newark, Ohio 10/24/11
Our biggest fear was that the phone harassment would continue.We were uncertain of how we could protect ourselves from the phone harassment and the demands made upon us concerning our son’s credit card situation. The phone harassment ended and we received mandatory recitation due to the breaking of FTC rules.We were happy to have found a law firm who was willing to help us with this case and win on our behalf.You were very professional with how you handled this case.We were very satisfied with the services and will recommend your firm to others if they need a law firm for assistance.Mullenniex, Dolores -- Gambier, Ohio 03/30/12
I didn’t know if I had a case or not. You got the creditors to stop calling and harassing me. Now I have less stress!!The attorney was very knowledgeable and got the creditors to stop calling immediately!Your firm was very friendly and helpful!!People need to know that you can help if they are being harassed by creditors. They do NOT have to put up with that.Moyer, Genie -- Clyde, Ohio 5/03/2012
You took away the fear of picking up my phone day and night to listen to the person on the other end telling me what she was going to do to me.I was being threatened that collectors would come to my home, my job, calling family members. After your help the calls stopped; I can relax, sleep through the night, my blood pressure went down.I was pleasantly surprised how quickly your firm got the job done including a settlement for me.I was able to trust you; you kept me up to date with all developments of my case.I would recommend you to my friends, family, and co-workers as a firm that gets results! Thank you for everything!Matthews, Tresia -- Akron, Ohio 8/28/2012
My husband and I were both “worn out” with multiple phone calls daily and several times a day. We knew nothing about the assistance you could offer us until we found your info on the internet.I didn’t know that a settlement would also include money for us; that helped greatly. Your staff is fabulous and very knowledgeable. Then it was the fear of your firm being straight up with us after talking to your staff, I believed you could help us and indeed you have! The phones calls from these companies have stopped. We appreciate your help.It was easy to get in touch to speak with your staff and Dan as well. Hopefully this will never happen again.I have told friends about you, you are an honest firm and do work quickly for your clients.Marshall, Kathy -- Milford, Ohio 12/09/11
I was not a fraud, it was all phone harassment. Your service stopped the calls!You took quick action and got a fair settlement for me.I had used your firm for a lemon law in 2005 and your action got me a new SUV! My fiancé also used your firm in 2008 for a lemon law case for her [vehicle].Marchio, Michael -- Martins Ferry, Ohio 5/26/2012
I was scared they would take away my fiance’s truck because my name was on it even though I don’t drive. They said we couldn’t get married because they would put a lien on his house. We married December 8th.Your service lifted a big weight and lowered my stress level.You cared and treated me like family.You were very fast solving the problem by going after the bad people. You guys are remarkable.I will use you again if I ever have too and will recommend you to family and friends.Lane, Nadine - Otway, Ohio 12/08/11
I was told to contact you by the attorney general’s office.I was being called constantly for someone not at my number. The calls stopped.David Skall was very kind and understanding. I am grateful for your service.You know how to get the calls to stop quickly, that’s why I would call you again.I would definitely recommend your firm.Komarek, Debbie -- Parma, Ohio 4/18 /2012
My biggest fear was that I would be paying this account control system Inc. for a long time to come and that they would keep haunting me over this matter.I thought that [the company] would keep adding interest on their claims. Mr. Scharville resolved that problem and got them off my back. You made my life easier and got my money for me.I was surprised that your law firm took my problems into your hands when I thought there wasn’t anyone who could help me. Your service was very good and your associates were very kind to me. I have no disappointment, it took a while to settle with the company but that is understandable.The firm was always polite to me. When I called I felt your firm was very nice and business-like and the lawyer did what he said he would do. You helped me regain the money that the creditors had unlawfully taken from me.I will recommend you to other friends. You do the best job helping people. Mr. Scharvelle, thank you so much for helping me.Koehler, Sharon -- Cleveland, Ohio 01/18/12
I was afraid of the cost of hiring you, but you put that to rest.We suffered annoying daily phone calls from collectors. You stopped that problem.I was surprised with the rapid result. I was pleasantly surprised by receiving the first check. I hope to be as happy when I receive the second check.You were very thorough and had personal contact. You rapidly handled the first of two cases. You do what you say you will do.I will recommend you to friends and family as needed.Klingman, Lee -- Kalamazoo, Michigan 4/16/2012
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